Rental Rates

We will deliver and pick up the sauna. All we require is a suitable, relatively flat, accessible location for parking.

Includes two complimentary bundles of firewood. Each firewood bundle contains approximately ten split pieces and kindling. Two bundles are roughly enough for three two-hour sauna sessions.

Drop-offs between 1pm and 4pm. Pickups between 9am and 12pm. Once delivered, the trailer is locked and cannot be moved. Please contact prior to booking if you have any questions or concerns about the location.

Please note: Due to local bylaws, we are unable to deliver to locations in the township of Comox.

Mon - Thurs: $499 plus tax. 4-night rental.
Fri - Sun: $499 plus tax. 3-night rental.
Sun - Sun: $799 plus tax. 7-night rental
Delivery Fees: $1.50/km from downtown Courtenay.
Additional firewood: $10/bundle.

Distance Map from Downtown Courtenay

barrel sauna rental
mobile sauna rental
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